Top 3 Emerging Trends in the Global Mattress Market

According to research done the global mattress market will grow by 65% over the next three years. The market has different product segmentation depending on the type of mattress. There are the latex mattress, the memory foam mattress, and other forms of mattresses as well. The innerspring mattresses have held the majority share of 70% in the world as being the most preferred since they have dominated the market over time. The innerspring mattresses are the most traditional and the most affordable as well which are the main reasons for their popularity. However, there are new trends catching on in the market, and they will eventually change the game in time. Read on.

People Now Prefer Customized Mattresses

The global mattress market has seen an increase in demand for customized mattresses. This has seen key players in the market start offering customized services for the end-user which was rare in the past. The mattresses come in the size, shape, and design that the customer prefers. Along with the custom-made mattresses customers are also requesting for new shapes of cushions to go with the mattress. All the demand for customized mattresses has a positive impact on the growth of the market.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses Are Now in Demand More Than Ever

There is a trend in the global market for eco-friendly products, and the mattress market is among the ones experiencing the demand. Most companies are now investing in manufacturing eco-friendly mattresses made with more affordable and natural materials. The increase in demand is also due to increasing awareness of the harmful chemicals and other products used to make the regular mattress.

The Rise in Demand for Multi-Functional Beds

There is an increasing interest in having unique and fascinating home décor pieces. This is part of the reason why most customers find the multi-functional beds more attractive. Multi-functional beds can also help in saving space especially for people living in urban areas.

The new mattress trends in the market are aimed at making the mattresses safer while having better utility value. The eco-friendly mattresses will help keep the environment safer and also reduce some of the risks the come with sleeping on a mattress made of petroleum products. Check here for additional info.

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