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What To Know And Understand About Bail Bonding

When you are charged with a crime, you will have to stay in jail until a verdict of your case is reached, but if there may be important things that you need to do outside then you will need to post bail set by the court to be able to do that.

Bail is known as a money or property that is set by the court to have a temporary release of the defendant from the confines of jail, bail bond is the promise made by the defendant or a surety towards the court to be present during court dates, otherwise failure to do so will forfeit that bail.

When the initial trial is done, the court will in most cases set a normally high bail amount this is to ensure that the defendant will stay visible and present to appear during court dates, otherwise it may not be taken seriously by the defendant.

Once the bail is set, the defendant or surety will process the posting of bail and will have a receipt issued to determine that the bail is posted and the defendant and get out of jail, and this should be followed by a diligent appearance on court dates.

In the event that the defendant misses a court date, a forfeiture hearing is set together with a warrant of arrest, and on the hearing the defendant is given a chance to explain for missing a date, and still in failure to appear in this hearing, the bond is kept by the court, and is non refundable.

A defendant can somehow access to get bond through the help of bail bondsmen, where in most cases 10% of the amount is what they get as a profit for providing the bail money, this will also include having collateral as a hold for payment.

There are also other forms of securing money to post bail, and you can check which one is most accessible for you it can be that cash bond, signature bond, or property bond, all have its own requirements so know which will suit you.

Once all is set, you can get a citation release, and you have to understand all the imposed additional conditions, and you also must be fully aware of all the consequences in the event of failure to meet the requirements and appear on your scheduled court dates.

Your decision to post bail is for you to do what is necessary for you to do outside of jail, you just have to be consistently diligent in meeting your side of the bargain to be in good standing.

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